2019 - 3

I said that I don’t need anything from Ali, and then I don’t need a routine cloud. Then wake up in the morning and see that I was deducted for $15. I saw the merchant alicloud. The set of road clouds looked at the eye, it turned out that my elastic ip did not untie the reason for the cost of 0.36 US dollars. Is this more than 40 times the consumption? I am afraid that I will not be able to afford it when I arrive. Finally, I wish a speedy horse philanthropist is the butcher

This post was last edited by Jiang Xiansen at 2019-1-1219:06 Last month, almost this time, the boring scan of the domain name 26 letters each letter of the first four.cn has 1000-8000, the result is checked again this month, one is not left! Checked a dozen found basically registered by the two companies. The new North Shore domain name is here https://www.hostloc.com/thread-512656-1-1.html New project look here https://www.hostloc.com/thread-512902-1-1.html