2019 - 4

For example, the post published today is displayed at the top. The post published yesterday is displayed on the next page even after the post. Excuse me, is this designed? I think this design is far less than the kind of long building, and the design of the front page can appear on the top of the building. Now in this design, almost everyone's post has not responded, so that the guests who want to buy things feel that this is not reliable. If it is a long building, the quality seller is very conspicuous, customers only need to look at the id of those posts. Please manage to think about it.  

In fact, these accounts are all blasted. I see that there are several forum elders. I don’t mean to speak for them, stupid, use weak passwords, be blasted However, c屌 is not on the line, nor does it have a verification code. Tell the truth, there is no verification code forum, Baidu search for discuz blasting software, any one can blast Of course, hostloc is a bit more advanced, anti-cc, account password is also returned 200 code. Well, I just casual, I do not account for those weak passwords redress, not to mention what is recommended, anyway c Cock and regardless of

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