2019 - 6

This post was last edited by the Invincible Coat of the Universe at 2019-6-2822:48 There are 2 ipv4, the validity period follows the chick, of course, all are walled 1 ipv6, no wall Openvz, 786MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, monthly traffic 2T There are still 2 months due, 100 out of the open disk, you can modify the mailbox, password, etc. Yearly 16USD

This post was last edited by lajige at 2019-6-2611:32 Rent US, Japan, and Luoshan chicken Windows chickens by hour, pay attention to Windows. price: The minimum configuration of Tokyo 1H1G5M3 dime an hour, how? Is it very affordable? Windows Server 08~16 has it all. What configuration is required to send it, I will give you a quote. The price does not exceed one block an hour. Feel free to provide a test machine for the university (testing, resetting itself every half hour) Ip: Account:administrator Password:z9n7ZqcOk1 I want to whisper directly to, goods at any time

This post was last edited by heian9119 at 2019-6-2814:56 Just found that the Winrar registration machine that was included in the computer newspaper CD more than ten years ago can now be used... A little bit of Winrar's verification mechanism. At the time, this registration machine was verified by Winrar's website. The original corresponding version is version 3.93, and later worried that the upgrade is too fast, but also deliberately saved the 3.93 version of the installation file, you can first install version 3.93, then on the registration machine to crack, and finally install the latest version 5.7. As a result, I found that I was worried about it... In fact, I can crack the 5.7 version directly with the registration machine. This registration machine has been used for many years, passed the virus scanning website, the machine is equipped with a small red umbrella and Kaspersky, determined to be non-toxic. Download address (please use Thunder): (only reserved until July 1) https://www.10086.win/WinRAR/Keygen3.9.exe https://www.10086.win/WinRAR/WinRAR_3.93_SC.exe https://www.10086.win/WinRAR/winrar-x64-570sc (commercial version without ads).exe