2019 - 10

This post was last edited by Firefly at 2019-10-3017:15 Are you interested? VIP 2021 expires on January 10, the space has 140 T There are 40 T-color resources inside, some of which are good quality is my own PT and then uploaded. Not very clear about the market, See another big brothers in the sale, his reference pricing, pricing my No. 666

This post was last edited by free9901 at 2019-10-3010:43 I want to build two websites under the same vps, using LAMP. Now I have placed two folders (wordpress) in /var/www/html, one folder is called wp1 and the other folder is called wp2. When visiting: Http://111.222.333.444/wp1Visit to the first station Http://111.222.333.444/wp2Visit to the second station . All of the above have been achieved. Now apply for two domain names: Aaa.com and bbb.com How to set up, can enter aaa.com access to the first site, enter bbb.com access to the second site? -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ After searching, set the /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf as follows <VirtualHost:80> ServerNameaaa.com ServerAdminwebmaster@dummy-host.example.com DocumentRoot/var/www/html/wp1/ ErrorLoglogs/aaa-error_log CustomLoglogs/aaa-access_logcommon </VirtualHost> <VirtualHost:80> ServerNamebbb.com ServerAdminwebmaster@dummy-host.example.com DocumentRoot/var/www/html/wp2/ ErrorLoglogs/bbb-error_log CustomLoglogs/bbb-access_logcommon </VirtualHost> After restarting servicehttpdrestart Still not? Where there are problems

This post was last edited by Vhc at 2019-10-3018:30 Updated at 17:44 on October 30, 2019: Thanks mjj, already done, seal, the following content does not have to read ------------------------------------split line------------ ------------------------ As the title, who registered a Tencent cloud new household, I invited the link to return to 44 yuan Everyone can register three new households, I have already registered three Limit one, private chat to send wx number, I add you. Forum points are higher than me.