2019 - 12

Ransom Ransom This post was last edited by ccf at 2019-10-2121: 46 The title was: Subscriptiondisabled startled me and thought I was killed. . . Helloxxx, Yourserviceisdisabled.Forassistance, pleasecontactOracleSupport. SubscriptionDetails      CLOUDCM (OraclePaaSandIaaSUniversalCredits) CloudAccount: xxx      OrderDetails OrderID: xxx OrderDate: Thursday, October17,201900: 00AMUTC

Ransom Ransom This post was last edited by Vicer at 2019-10-910: 25 No matter what the Oracle machine is tossing, as long as the machine is not deleted, the hard disk is not deleted. Can be saved. such as: The system is jumping Can't turn on the phone Wrong key Forgot password Wrong initial system selection chmod-R000 / ... and many more PS: IP can be changed at will. There is no need to rescue. Only one command is needed to save lives. ddif = / dev / sdaof = / dev / sdb