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Ranch Ranch This post was last edited by Bai Baimei natural stay at 2020-2-1520: 30 1. Order chart: 2Basic performance network test: -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- Superbench.sh--https: //www.oldking.net/350.html Mode: Standard Version: 1.1.4 Usage: wget-qO-git.io/superbench.sh|bash -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- CPUModel: Intel (R) Xeon (R) CPUE5-26600@2.20GHz CPUCores: 1Cores@2200.000MHzx86_64 CPUCache: 20480KB OS: Ubuntu18.04.4LTS (64Bit) VMware Kernel: 4.15.0-30-generic TotalSpace: 3.4GB / 9.3GB TotalRAM: 136MB / 458MB (310MBBuff) TotalSWAP: 37MB / 509MB Uptime: 35days8hour45min LoadAverage: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 TCPCC: cubic ASN

Ranch Ranch Baidu SVIP has been eating ashes. Is there any Baidu web disk link for e-books? Who makes a Baidu disk, I will tell you where there are benefits to climb, and those who like to play reptiles can climb, there are many surprises The key is that they are basically real and real people. There are ordinary scales and amazing scales. The reptiles will crawl very well. This crawlable platform website ranks among the top ten in the world, and it cannot be walled in 500 years. It is not a messy website. PS, pay tribute to the gangsters like reptiles!

Ranch Ranch This post was last edited by Shenxiang Old Cat i at 2020-2-1122: 07 The 7p128 currently used has been sold, because of the aesthetic fatigue of IOS, the configuration is gradually outdated (there is no later full-screen face recognition and the like) killing background signal problems, etc. Requirement: The camera must be better than at least 6s. It must be at least dual-camera. It has passed 9102. The screen should also show better. It is best not to be oled because you cannot accept a second-hand screen with a burn-in screen 5.5 inches. Currently considering: Google pixel3EssentialPhoneLGv40LGg7 (the configuration is perfect, but unfortunately it is ugly and only has a camera) ps: The current 6s can be replaced with a battery without using foreign garbage. It is not necessary to play games. It is just a daily use. Look at the tubing brushing sound as the main machine, right? ?