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Ranch Ranch This post was last edited by nisekoi at 2020-3-2114: 13 Just entered this post. Prompt AFF, take a look at the plug-in records https://hostloc.88.workers.dev/thread-661754-1-1.html AFF address is https://bwh88.net/aff.php?aff=58744 But I refreshed without prompting what is going on. Plug-in false positives? Take another windowsvps and try again, maybe each IP will be injected only once. We can test this post look into the intake bwh88.com will have aff biscuits

Ranch Ranch This post was last edited by jekyll at 2020-3-2118: 55 Mushroom Du Fu is characterized by a powerful CPU, sufficient memory, and limited bandwidth. However, China Telecom and Unicom are very stable. The dual-channel E5 is still very powerful, and the general application of 32GRAM is difficult to make full use of. To take full advantage of Du Fu, we need to find CPU and memory-intensive applications, and not too high bandwidth. At the current currency price, it is no longer necessary to play such as xmrig. If this configuration is placed at home, it can pay back the electricity bill or even make a small profit, but the $ 29 can only dig back 1/3. I previously shared a one-click terminal that I bought for money. At that time, I only shared the client. This time I released it all. Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1sR8F61pYbQobxxNjzQBlMQ Extraction code: q85b Original post address: https://hostloc.88.workers.dev/thread-533960-1-1.html After previous tests, this server is very memory-intensive, but the traffic consumption is particularly small. I estimate that 10Mb bandwidth can be 200 ~ 1000 people online at the same time. In addition, I will recommend faceswap, which is more playable, and you can experience neural networks and machine learning. Through parameter configuration, you can basically fill up the CPU and memory. Interestingly, after testing, if the memory sharing is not enabled for the video memory, the number of iterations * BatchSize under the same computing time of the dual E5 can far exceed the RTX2070. Of course, in terms of machine learning, the GPU must definitely kill the CPU. The aforementioned transcendence has limited conditions: "OptimizerSavings" is not turned on, but the dual E5 is indeed powerful enough. A comparatively failed semi-finished product case: The official provides a one-click installation package that supports linux and windows: https://github.com/deepfakes/faceswap/releases Use method can refer to: https://d9.ee/archive/deepfakes-faceswap-extract-guide.html

Ranch Ranch This post was last edited by Mr. at 2020-3-2316: 49 When I saw someone posting a XJJ video page, I also posted one. Someone shared a quick XJJ collection in the forum a few months ago. I made a page based on this and kept it on. . . The code is very simple, the page is very concise, middle-aged and elderly color matching, and supports automatic continuous playback, which is mainly compatible with WeChat to play without full screen (but the first time you want to play it manually) Put two preview addresses: meizi.pp.ua and meinv.pp.ua The code is just four files, you can find the video list file by yourself, one video address per line. index.html-entry page <! DOCTYPEhtml> <htmllang = "zh-CN"> <head>   <metacharSet = "utf-8" />   <metahttp-equiv = "X-UA-Compatible" content = "IE = edge, chrome = 1" />   <metahttp-equiv = "Cache-Control" content = "no-transform" />   <metahttp-equiv = "Cache-Control" content = "no-siteapp" />   <metaname = "referrer" content = "never">   <metaname = "renderer" content = "webkit" />   <metaname = "viewport" content = "width = device-width, initial-scale = 1.0, maximum-scale = 1.0, user-scalable = no" />   <title> XJJ </ title>   <linkrel = "stylesheet" href = "style.css"> </ head> <body>   <sectionid = "main">       <videoid = "player" src = "video.php" controlswebkit-playsinlineplaysinline> </ video>   </ section>   <sectionid = "buttons">       <buttonid = "switch"> Continuous: On </ button>       <buttonid = "next"> Play the next </ button>   </ section>   <script>   (function (window, document) {       if (top! = self) {         window.top.location.replace (self.location.href);       }       varget = function (id) {         returndocument.getElementById (id);       }       varbind = function (element, event, callback) {         returnelement.addEventListener (event, callback);       }       varauto = true;       varplayer = get (player);       varrandomm = function () {         player.src = video.php? _t = Math.random ();         player.play ();       }       bind (get (next), click, randomm);       bind (player, error, function () {         randomm ();       });       bind (get (switch), click, function () {         auto =! auto;         this.innerText = Continuous: (auto? On: Off);       });       bind (player, ended, function () {         if (auto) randomm ();       });   }) (window, document);   </ script> </ body> </ Html>