The The Is a credible domain name company? Is there any problem with starting a domain name for 10 years in his family? Will it fail in two years?

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Netizen Reply : The The This post was last edited by tiг at 2020-4-1716: 44 Certified registrar, the credibility is guaranteed; I have no problem with it. You can go to the fun domain to see the domain name registration requirements, otherwise it may not be ruled out. For example, wf requires individuals or organizations over the age of 18 in the European Union or Switzerland to apply for and so on.
Netizen reply : The The I saw a lot of questions about why domain name registrars are unreliable. Why haven't they seen the running of domain name registrars? Many people ask?
Netizen reply : The The Looking at the domain name, the I registered with this company was later forcibly withdrawn, and I requested the submission of information
Netizen Reply : The The Trusted to buy several it. It is recommended to charge a dozen knives first to enjoy agency discounts. Remember to send an email to open

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