The The This post was last edited by kuk at 2020-4-1800: 04 cf changed the ergonomic verification hCaptcha a few weeks ago 1. No IP whitelist, at least reCaptcha 2. You must choose two pages at a time, and at least one page of reCaptcha (although you will doubt your life if you get more) 3. The god tm is basically a full selection each time, select a few more to come back! mmp 4, choose and do not meet the requirements, what rubbish stuff Pooh

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Netizen Reply : The The reCaptcha is like saying that the fees for all large-scale applications have been changed.
Netizen Reply : The The I do n’t know why, my cf verification code is the traditional verification code for input characters? Neither recaptcha nor hcaptcha
Netizen Reply : The The Is reCaptcha at least not good, click the direct checkmark
Netizen reply : The The I feel at least better than that of the domestic cooperation Moreover, reCaptcha needs special treatment before it can be used in China
Netizen reply : The The reCaptcha: You are over, hCaptcha: Ningshi robot

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