To To x3445 ASUS motherboard without bezel 8gamd special strip. Xianyu today has a 5 yuan shipping coupon with a special price of 100 free shipping. The first paragraph is 93 yuan. The price will increase by 5 yuan from tomorrow.

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Netizens reply: To To Quote: sqliuchang published on 2020-5-3114:10 No one bought AMD with 200 16G RAM last time
Netizens reply: To To This post was last edited by free vps at 2020-5-3116:51 Quote: etc published on 2020-5-3114:52 I bought the 200, ask the boss if there is a light-up card
Netizen reply: To To Salted fish 44580 has been hung up for 2 years and has not been sold. Now the whole garbage is thrown into the garage and there is still a 955

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