The The I am a little white, not a player. Buying a VPS is just a ladder. I bought a bricklayer 19.9 before going to it, and then forgot to renew it. At the end of last year, I collected a second-hand bricklayer on our forum, and then it was suspended about a month ago. This should be even blocked. The reason given by the official is clientIDrequired. Xiaobai said that he didn’t understand. Ask the bricklayer customer service. Bricklayer customer service replies let me show two specific tail number credit cards, I guess it may be what the original buyer did (may be a misuse), pushed me down, the Internet is leading, cherish this relationship, So I'm not very good at first speculating on others with malicious intent, so I contacted the buyer. He has not logged in recently and hasn't replied yet. I want to consult you guys with your precious treasures. Is this the legendary account retrieved? If yes, how can I get it back? Use the original payment information? E-mail me have changed wow

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Netizen Reply: The The If it is useless to reset your password and enter your email, it will be recovered.
Netizen Reply: The The I was retrieved one yesterday, just got used to it:
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: dabiaoge published on 2020-6-1915:28 Upstairs @刘昕禹You haven't exposed your home yet
Netizen reply: The The It was useless to get back your Alipay bill. Some MJJ confirmed with the bricklayer, the bricklayer only recognized the initial registered mailbox. That is to say, the registered mailbox is in hand, and as many hands as you want to sell, as long as you have this mailbox, you can take it back. You change the mailbox, the renewal bill is useless.
Netizen reply: The The Is your account unable to log in? If yes, congratulations, you have won again.
Netizen reply: The The The bricklayer must bring the initial mailbox, or it is always a hidden danger. Don’t you buy it yourself, please feel safe
Netizen Reply: The The Citation: rockszq published in 2020-6-2018:04 The bricklayer must bring the initial mailbox, or it is always a hidden danger. Can't you buy it yourself?

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