The The This post was last edited by talaon at 2020-6-2520:50 Taobao login, find the py version online https://sandabu six o' Source code: (I haven’t tested it) 200RMB asks php to change the version, realize Taobao login and get cookie Why three Dabney six will be replaced *

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Netizen Reply: The The Quote: Syc published on 2020-6-2111:04 Write an automatic login replacement cookie to solve.
Netizen reply: The The Quote: talaon published on 2020-6-2111:07 The login verification mechanism is complicated, (pull the progress bar, sometimes SMS verification is required)
Netizen Reply: The The auto_cookie = true;? What code is this
Netizen Reply: The The Someone's server problem, you get a scheduled task to log in and refresh the cookie
Netizen reply: The The Visual inspection has nothing to do with cookies, the problem of server session processing

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