The The Last time I saw that MIUI's latest system returned a blank message to the APP, and I saw some saying that WeChat was blocked. How is it now, can it be used in practice? I still use lineage16.0 Android 9 in my mix2s, and I have to refresh the device when playing Android 10 with upgrade 17. I remembered the MIUI that the big brother said, and I don’t know which one is more protected than the appops and refrigerators I use now. privacy Is anyone using the Xiaomi thing, Thank you Purple sweet potato pudding

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Netizen Reply: The The k20p said that it still uses miui10 of Android 9, and plans to wait for further improvement before going to miui12
Netizen reply: The The Actually, there is no technical problem. . . . In those years, lbe privacy protection directly returned fake information. . Only later the Android version was upgraded.
Netizen reply: The The It’s been a long time since I’ve used Mi’s things. When this phone is scrapped, go to the whole Xiaomi.

The  The  This post was last edited by Mr. Xu at 2020-6-2509:50     Yesterday I just upgraded miui12, the first iOS for young people    I don’t know if it’s stable or stable, but I don’t need it... that blank permission should be pretty good  

Netizen Reply: The The Shuang Shuang Shuang, very comfortable, in addition, the suggestion that comes with a back door, go to the official website to see
Netizen reply: The The There is no problem with the use, but if some junk apps detect that they cannot obtain private data and make restrictions, the system will have no choice.
Netizen reply: The The Also, all the information returned should be empty. MIUI12 was upgraded last night. The rendering of the transition animation has to be said to be much better than it was at the beginning. It is still relatively smooth.
Netizen Reply: The The Xiaomi note3, the last time I tried it, the function of "return empty information" was successfully set on the surface, but it was actually invalid. The app can still obtain information such as IMEI, which caused me to leak all the information to all apps.
Netizen reply: The The Can the lineage system be used daily? I brushed it once and used various questions about the two apps. . . Just brush off
Netizen Reply: The The In use, no WeChat qq title Be careful of those privacy vendors who buy privacy and buy a military belt with miui12 rhythm

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