The The I stayed up very late last night and ate a portion of the roast duck and slept late, very comfortable. At 9 o'clock in the morning, I was awakened by the phone of the Public Security Bureau. I said "Hello", and the other party said: "Here is the Public Security Bureau of XX City. There are several articles on your website that involve fanq. Delete it immediately." I was blinded for a while Immediately replied to hang up the phone without saying anything, and went to delete the article without clothes. After deleting it, I thought about it, such a good opportunity should have a WeChat talk about cooperation, so I called the phone and said two words to the other party: "Yes, then when are you free, come to XX floor to talk Talk "I said I recently went on a business trip and went back to contact you later. I asked for 2 times and WeChat didn't tell me to meet. After a few months I went back and talked in the past... To be continued...

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Netizen Reply: The The Quote: The letter from autumn published on 2020-6-2511:54 It seems that the other party is a sister paper
Netizen reply: The The Citation: x1184 published in 2020-6-2511:56 What does cooperation mean official fq?
Netizen reply: The The I wipe you the same as me. I suspected his identity. He finally called me on the number 1 10, and then I canceled all the North Shore on the website, changed the domain name and reopened it.

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