The The This post was last edited by zhujisou at 2020-6-2611:37 For details, please click to enter the host search to see ~ ~ All test machines are purchased at their own expense evaluation There is no aff in the whole site without aff, if you want to get preferential purchase information and exchange, please pay attention to There is no purchase link on the website, of course, there are purchase links in the group and channel without aff, you can also directly Baidu search related merchant packages to buy Part1. Machine information overview This evaluation machine is configured to share @1T traffic on the 1C1G20GG port. It can be seen that the processor is e3-XXXX, the main frequency is 2.1GHz (e3 this kind of general performance will be relatively poor, and does not seem to support aes), the IP is Multacom native IP. At present, this machine is fairly stable, but it should be noted that because their home is a self-developed panel machine, it can be opened at any time and destroyed at any time, so many people use it as "indescribable". Many IPs are not available in China. If it is opened, it cannot be used. The ip can be deleted and restarted after a period of time or spend $2.5 to change to a normal ip immediately. (This kind of logic is generally to delete -> IP back to the top of the ip pool -> newly opened -> assign the top ip, so after deleting the machine, you need to metaphysics and wait for others to take away your banned ip and then open to open a new ip , If you open it immediately, you will find the original ip... bloggers use this method to change an ip banned machine with a more favorable package to another high-priced package ip) Part2. Network quality test According to the feedback from domestic and foreign forums and bloggers, this home and return are dynamic routing. The same is true of racknerd hosted on Multacom, but the "dynamic" routing quality of racknerd is no better than cloudcone. Quote an introduction to Of course, you can also test yourself by lookingglass given by the merchant Quote: CloudConeVPS merchant's VPS is based on the US MC room network, which belongs to the dynamic CN2GIA network, which means that the network connection between the China and the United States purchased by the CloudConeVPS merchant is a BGP line. In daily use, CloudConeVPS has a high probability of telecommunications. Both the outbound and return journeys are CN2GIA networks (the worst is also the CN2GT network). Mobile generally takes its own international private line, which is directly connected to the mobile CMI network. Unicom naturally need not say that the Unicom network of CloudConeVPS is the best among the three major operators, either through the CN2 network or through Unicom's own international dedicated line 169 network. Of course, in addition to the above description, if CloudConeVPS encounters a large packet loss and high delay in the current line, it will automatically switch to other networks (dynamic routing). This is also the characteristic of CloudCone US GBP network VPS. For example, when the telecom return CN2GIA packet loss increases, CloudConeVPS will automatically switch to CN2GT or other network lines. All in all, CloudConeVPS network routing is based on the current network congestion, to intelligently switch VPS network routing information, and ultimately achieve a higher quality network status. The results are as follows: CloudConeVPS is a network based on intelligent switching of multiple dynamic network routing lines such as CN2GT/GIA, mobile CMI, Unicom 169 and Telecom 163.

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Netizen Reply: The The This evaluation really needs xswl This speed can also be evaluated as "Upload and download test results are very eye-catching!"
Netizen reply: The The Quote: Massage shop owner published on 2020-6-2611:37 Don't be willing to go to the blood book to buy the highest match
Netizen reply: The The The loan of the loan is RMB 10.89 per year and the balance is $5. Ming Pan 70.
Netizen reply: The The Since the MC room with bricklayer DC4 has been used, this kind of dynamic routing will never be touched again.
Netizen Reply: The The Citation: adcen published in 2020-6-2612:36 This evaluation really needs xswl

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