Be warned The mjj, if you want to change your mobile phone, have you considered which product to change? I started with 8P, and now X has been useless for four or five years. I don’t know what Android is like now. I want to see what you think. At present, my X has been used for about two years. The known problem is poor signal. Watching videos in summer is hot, not warm, but hot The video is hotter, have you touched the front of the car at noon? Almost temperature. It may be lower, too exaggerated is not good. I currently only consider Samsung and Xiaomi, but they are tangled again. .

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Netizen Reply: The The Handheld GalaxyS10 If you don’t lack money, Samsung will buy an iPhone on your mobile phone. The experience is different.
Netizen Reply: The The Xiaomi 1012 256 is only 3300... What to buy Samsung
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: iks published in 2020-6-2917:29 Is OnePlus unworthy of having a name? What about others? What about the Mjj channel?
Netizen reply: The The I have never used Apple. I feel that Android is more playable. Tablets can choose Apple phones or Android. Xiaomi may be more cost-effective. The system is also good to prepare for the next change of Xiaomi.
Netizen Reply: The The I am used to Android ecology, I choose Samsung or Xiaomi, rich Samsung has no money Xiaomi
Netizen reply: The The My demand is to be able to toss, and at the same time localization is also handled well Android phones, only Xiaomi can choose, no solution...
Netizen reply: The The Next phone 100% for Xiaomi Huawei's mobile phone is not satisfied with the system. . . Xiaomi's system is really easy to use
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: Eight seconds published on 2020-6-2917:31 There are too many mobile phone classifications, and only a few are more common in the market. . 1 I really don't know. .
Netizen reply: The The Said that the experience I have used with Samsung is really different What about the MJJ channel?
Netizen reply: The The Previously Huawei powder The screen of the Samsung flagship machine is really very good, the screen is very delicate, Samsung and Huawei, which I use now, will not buy Huawei in the future, the garbage screen,
Netizen reply: The The What you want to choose is not in the options, there is no MJJ channel, this is an unqualified vote

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