The The Roommate 618 bought a Qualcomm 855 mobile phone at Godong 280, me. It is true to say that he has a simple mind. A Qualcomm 855 CPU needs six or seven hundred, he directly showed me that the Antutu display is indeed 855. May I ask what kind of routine is this kind of mobile phone, it feels like MTK but it shows Qualcomm.

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Netizen Reply: The The It is easy to change the CPU model of Android. . Just run the game and you will know
Netizen reply: The The Quote: A picture of a dog published on 2020-7-102:08 Welfare with love. The link is not sent. Who knows what you said?
Netizen reply: The The Just look at the phone brand, such as XX All-China Unicom. If it is 90% is mtk slightly
Netizen reply: The The Modify hardware information at the system level. New direction of cottage machine~
Netizen reply: The The Haven't you seen the host with a few hundred dollars? It's still a Xeon processor. What's more, 128 threads and 64 cores. . .
Netizen reply: The The Change the hardware to i, just run a minute to know, most of the CPU of mtk a few years ago

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