To To It's not a big problem, but two mjj have already come to ask, so let's briefly explain: Yesterday (it's past 12 o'clock, should it be today?), basically all people who used my script failed to get points, and the log showed that the login failed. But now without modifying any code, stored account number, and password, manually push once to trigger the script execution, and you can successfully log in and earn points. This shows that the script has no problem and is still available. As for the above situation, I personally suspect that some problems occurred in the loc during the time period between 1:15 and 1:15 in the morning last night (it is also possible that the GitHubActions server is faulty). Because this login status is determined by grabbing the title of the personal settings page, the login is considered successful only when the page title is "Personal Information-Global MJJ Exchange Forum-PoweredbyDiscuz!". But what if the normal page cannot be obtained at all? Naturally, all login failed. So let's take a look tonight, the script should be no problem, and I can't control this kind of occasional error. If you don't want to waste these 20 points today, you can manually push to trigger the script execution, or take a bit of effort to do it manually.

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Netizens reply: To To Do you want to get a Discuz when you have time? I don’t know how to check-in every day. To To It should be a github issue. My automatic sign-in Tianyiyun emailed me yesterday to indicate that the deployment failed.
Netizen Reply: To To After reading the code, It seems that there is no response to LOC's jscookie verification. LOC sometimes opens js authentication, allowing you to bring a cookie to access normally [At this time, the mobile phone UC browser will infinitely loop and then trigger the CF shield]. The current cookie name is L7DFW. When I signed in last year, it was L7DW. So this may be the case.
Netizens reply: To To Coincidentally, I checked the log this morning and found that it failed. After a re-push triggered it, it succeeded.
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: Yi Sheng published on 2020-7-114:10 After reading the code, It seems that there is no response to LOC's jscookie verification. LOC sometimes opens js verification, so that you can access normally with a cookie [this...
Netizens reply: To To You can take a look at my post. I found out that loc can’t be opened last night. There must be a problem with the website, not just me.

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