Be warned The I feel the taste and taste of An Naiji is closer to the taste of drinking in Thailand, and another Red Bull feels drinking sugar water The refreshing words may be drinking the domestic red bull for a long time, and I feel that this Anji is more refreshing after drinking. . .

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Netizen Reply: The The Look closely at Red Bull, one is a vitamin drink and the other is a functional drink The appearance is the same
Netizen reply: The The Thai Red Bull is drinking pungent, refreshing is still the gentle and long-lasting of the old-fashioned golden yellow packaging
Netizen reply: The The I deliberately glanced at the Red Bull I bought yesterday and wrote Red Bull. An Nai I said how cheap it is. 20 Quickly go to 6
Netizen reply: The The It's better to buy weylandenergy. I think Red Bull only has 50mg of coffeecoffeeyin, weylandenergy is only 100mg, and the cheapest one is only about 1 yuan.

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