The The This post was last edited by kaisa at 2020-7-423:10 Lying trough! Hostflyte deleted my vps, issued a ticket today, and opened a new one for me, but the data was all gone, and no one answered the ticket, just opened a new machine for me! ! ! Lying trough! ! ! ! Lying trough! ! ! ! My data! ! ! The key is that there is no expiration. The newly opened machine has the same expiration time as the original machine! ! -------------------------------------------- 20200704 am update Looked, I bought it in May 19 There was a reply to the ticket, but if I did not answer the question, I was told that the data was not backed up. Checked the paypal payment, in May and June 2020, both vps renewed, not because of expiration. It is because hostflyte deleted vps, so far no positive tell me the reason! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The following is a screenshot of the ticket! Everyone quickly back up the data! ! ! ! ! --------------------------------------- 20200704 night update The customer service has been bluffing with me, not acknowledging the deletion of my vps, saying that my IP is Q, and I am in a regular battle, which has been used for almost 2 years and has been normal!

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Netizen Reply: The The My hostflyte will arrive at the terminal smoothly tomorrow (12 knives 2GKVM)
Netizen reply: The The I have successfully arrived at this machine. I paid about ten dollars a year for 2c4g.
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: Slut is hypocritical published in 2020-7-321:43 How do you prove that you have data!
Netizen reply: The The Citation: heihai published in 2020-7-321:47 What's going on, is it still running?
Netizen reply: The The Citation: kaisa published in 2020-7-321:46 It’s been a long time since I used it to build a website. The website can’t be opened. Log in to their website, it shows that the vps is stopped, the ticket is contacted, and then the old one is gone, I opened it...
Netizen Reply : The The I also bought a 15 knives before, and I couldn’t open it in a few months of the year. I contacted him and said that I would open one again. It’s okay to put an unimportant data in his house. Netizen Reply: The The He had been in his car before. . It was also that the chicken was gone for no reason and could not be found in the panel. The work order waited a week and no one returned to the chicken and did not recover. . Don’t dare to get on some strange business anymore
Netizen Reply: The The Help his family do a little SEO, post it, LOC V2 or something Then send him the address to appreciate

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