The The This post was last edited by ck968 at 2020-7-409:50 Configure 8H8G5M60 yuan Independent IP Single IP official means that 20G actually measures itself If you don’t provide the North Shore service, please prepare your North Shore domain name. BGP measured bandwidth line should be a single line of telecommunications The hard disk is the system disk. The data disk is 60G. Don't ask any other questions. Please add my friends to buy, use the commonly used QQ, don't renew the fee, you can't find anyone, after a few days, delete the machine and say that I don't reserve, my QQ will give you a shock, you don't return me. At present, only three units are vacant. In the past few days, several units will expire one after another. At present, the memory usage is about 50%, and it is about 60%.

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Netizen Reply: The The Citation: chitycheng published in 2020-7-409:44 60 years, do you want North Shore?
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: Zhuyun Network published in 2020-7-409:48 What line? 5MBGP?

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