The The This post was last edited by ethanz at 2020-7-410:09 Every day I received this ArturoFerracuti spam email to push their Weipien, decided to see where this onevps is really sacred I mainly looked at the company ThinkHugeLimited, which was originally an information technology company registered in Hong Kong, and onevps may not even count as its main business, according to his official website Weipien ranked first in his business, most of the rest are related services for foreign exchange transactions, but what is terrible is that a random search found a news that the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission warned foreign exchange company ThinkHugeLimited (https: //, saying that they do not have any regulatory information, it happens that I do foreign exchange often, and the platform without regulation is commonly known as the black platform. But conversely, I did not go deeper to see if there is any unregulated foreign exchange brokerage service provided. If only the acceleration server is provided, it should not require supervision? I checked the company information smoothly: But poverty prevents me from checking more haha Then I took a look at their office addresses 26thFloor, BeautifulGroupTower, 77ConnaughtRoadCentral, CentralHongKong. Unfortunately, Google Street View can't see the 26th floor a haha, but I checked the address and found that there are quite a few companies working at this address. Finally, post the Twitter address of ThinkHugeLimited Co-Founder and CFONickMcDonald Then I was too lazy to read it again. In short, ThinkHugeLimited behind onevps is a company whose main business is more focused on unregulated foreign exchange related services. To add, don't say that their company's business is quite big

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Netizen Reply: The The Why do you say that the sisters with no breasts are called sisters, and those with breasts are called aunts? Is there any basis?
Netizen Reply: The The Haha! You were picked out. Recently, I received an email from him every day to push Yu Pien Netizen Reply: The The Citation: jqbaobao published in 2020-7-410:03 Chagua, Zhanlou, spam every day, obviously I changed the mailbox

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