The The This post was last edited by zhujisou at 2020-7-412:03 PacificRack-Los Angeles QN Computer Room-KVM Architecture-$8.8 per year Part1. Machine information overview The evaluation machine is configured for a 1-core 400MB10G-ssd 1tb traffic Los Angeles QN VPS (KVM Virtual). Speaking of this brand blogger, PacificRack is not a newly formed brand. This is the predecessor of QN. Since QN started the data center, this brand was put on hold and was re-launched at the end of last year as QN’s own lowendvps brand. , The background pr did not expect the high-quality service, according to the departing supervisor Starting in February, the problems continued, including hardware, network, and technical support, which completely fell short of expectations. I was very helpless as a sales person. I could only continue to communicate with the technical team, hoping to provide the best service to everyone in loc . In the past few months, I really can’t see any technical improvements and hopes to move forward. Seeing that the work orders sent by mjj every day are not well resolved, I’m so upset that I have communicated with the technical boss many times. Without a good solution, I decided to leave their company today That is to say, the user with the highest node may have a relatively stable machine. The blogger has specially collected the machine of node three. Part2. Network quality test The experience is okay during SSH operation, the blogger’s local Unicom network is more smooth, the data lag is more obvious when running the script, the user experience is so-so, the merchants advertise the G port (when you are very stupid, you should limit yourself to Otherwise, the machine will be suspended within 100M). Next, let's analyze how poorly the machine's network quality can be through route tracking (going back), actual site building Get speed, Ping test... There is nothing to say about the ping test. The machines in Los Angeles are almost the same. Personally, I see the specific results and feel that there are a lot of timeouts~ --- Let's not talk about the download speed of the network to the backhaul. Qn everyone knows Interested suggestions u go to to see the specific evaluation --- The key is coming I don’t have any interest in the io test, so I’m going to sign the blog~ There is no unixbench and pagoda test, because this product will die even if the pagoda is compiled, you have to go to the console to manually restart... It is very speechless about the performance of the machine, it seems that even the so-called front node can not be trusted. ----- So where is the future of pr? Relocating new nodes at no cost to migrate users squeezed into explosions on old machines? Borrowing the words of the big brother of autumn water, pr official does not pay much attention to... I hope that the new team and technology established in the legend will improve. Today, with the cost of vps becoming more and more transparent, low-cost and high-quality services are the key to breaking through. ---- Not affman, mjj don’t call me affman, have you seen affman all the evaluation articles? Ever seen affman send aff without link? ? I even buy the vast majority of site-wide links are not to mention the so-called aff, just spare cash on hand and more free time and more, to play like to engage, incidentally play about the value

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Netizen Reply: The The I don’t understand you anyway. My PR looks at 4K during the day. Night 1080
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Netizen Reply: The The Well, wait for me to send a part-time email to QN, try to see if it can be mixed into the internal
Netizen reply: The The If you have money to give AFFMAN, it is better to find more technical gangsters and get a better machine
Netizen Reply: The The Citation: qinghe187100 published in 2020-7-412:55 If you have money to give AFFMAN, it is better to find more technical gangsters and get a better machine
Netizen Reply: The The Quote: zhujisou published in 2020-7-412:59 What mjj said is reasonable here should be @PacificRack customer service
Netizen reply: The The Quote: PacificRack Customer Service Published on 2020-7-414:03 The real pr customer service "PacificRack customer service", the fake pr customer service "" "Kaiyu small webmaster"...

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