The The MJJ one, has never been to work, has been doing things at home by himself Feel psychologically wrong Just can't communicate with others normally When others speak outside, most of the content is automatically omitted It's like writing math answers without the process Make others often unable to answer But there are exceptions: Talking to beauties has never been like this, even superb. Has the brick house come out to talk about this?

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Netizen Reply: The The Dead man Say so much to do. . . It is recommended to go to the construction site to move the bricks for 30 days, and it will be cured.
Netizen Reply: The The This... is not the same as skipping the NPC conversation when playing the game.
Netizen Reply: The The Lack of socializing, I stayed at home for a year and would love to find a job to go out and practice social skills

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