The The Ask how much you can run after you set up cf? heroku, to pick ip, 30-10Mb good about it, not only about 3-1Mb

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Netizen Reply: The The Smooth 8k toss G invincible whirlwind super cock node
Netizen reply: The The This post was last edited by qmsht at 2020-7-921:32 It is estimated that it can run 10 Gigabit, CF is awesome Guangzhou Unicom has no problem at 50Mb during the day and 10Mb at night.
Netizen reply: The The Stupid Node After the selection, the peak value is probably full, 4k stable
Netizen reply: The The resolves to be a Hong Kong node It's about 6w after running full
Netizen reply: The The Moving to the Hong Kong node, it can run 6MB/s during the day, it is not easy to say at night
Netizen reply: The The With CF set, the speed can run 1 G
Netizen reply: The The CFyes, it can run full of local bandwidth, and the delay is okay. A batch of fragrant

The  The  Put it on and add optional, Guangdong Mobile took about 1s to open the blog for the first time

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