The The I have always used the DNS of the location of my broadband operator by default, and op automatically dials to automatically obtain local dns. What is the use of this SmartDNS?

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Netizen Reply: The The This is lean disgusting one who has a picture than up, there is nothing to use
Netizen reply: The The In fact, isp's own dns is the fastest, and blind dicks will only slow down the speed
Netizen reply: The The It is a local dns server, with a cache, so that you can frequently access the same website, directly local analysis, of course faster than the operator. Automatically finding the fastest ip that blows up the ceiling is actually a garbage function. It just finds the fastest ip that you can go to this site to resolve locally, but notice that after you hang up the node, the node visits that site. The so-called fastest ip, but the detour ip, but slower. Although some people say that smartdns can also be analyzed through the node, have you gone out and use not fragrant?
Netizen reply: The The Multi-thread dns resolution, return the fastest. Personally feel useless, dnsmasq cooperates with the speed and accuracy of dns2socks
Netizen reply: The The Choose the fastest ip for anti-pollution. My Merlin used it to make a diversion even upstream.
Netizen reply: The The Is it useless? I used it and it didn't make a big difference, and I didn't know if I should use it.
Netizen reply: The The Used for a month, it's useless, often parsed to ping, but actually can not be opened on the IP
Netizen reply: The The Quote: Revenge of Satan published on 2020-7-1011:26 This is lean disgusting one who has a picture than up, no use

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