To To How about cloudcone dd system Tried two scripts will not work, forum search, I also could not before many mjj d, bigwigs how to solve ah

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Netizens reply: To To This post was last edited by wxcszh123 at 2020-7-1821:08 1. Refer to the 13th floor in the post After personally testing the reinstalled debian, it is the correct answer: Linux from my own testing, the conclusion is: 1. Start DD under debian9 2. After DD is completed, enter VNC to select the grub interface, press e and enter the configuration interface ctrl c to exit, enter the grub command line, enter exit and enter the system normally 3. After the system is normal, execute ln-s/boot/grub//boot/grub2 to restart normally (Untested) Win environment may need to refer to: specifies the cloudcone part try not to 2003, 2008 is OK 2. Also refer to one-click reinstall script as:

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