To To I originally bought it for US$5.3 a month, and then I found out that I didn’t write off the bill after I paid it. Then I found that it can be used without payment. That’s it. After about a year, I finally threw it away. I want to say that the Internet is really bad, meaningless. So they themselves know this situation, crazy promotions. I believe there will be cheaper ones in the future. At present, one of the masonry workers and one HD in his hand are all GIA, but the live broadcast is not stuck. There are also a few Oracle Korea (GIA), Japan and the United States, which are basically enough. The machine is enough, and toss is a waste of life.

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Netizens reply: To To Quote: nico published on 2020-7-1522:03 The free ones are thrown away, local tyrant
Netizen reply: To To Quote: published by mega on 2020-7-1522:51 I only ask for the source of the avatar

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