To To DearCustomer, Currentlywearefacingveryimportantchangesinpaymentmethods.Since31ofJulyPaypalnolongertransferfundsbetweenphysicalpersonsinsideRussianFederation. ThatmeansthatifyouareanindividualandaresidentofRussianFederationyouwould benotableto: transferfundsthroughPaypaltotheoverphysicalpersonwhichisresidentofRussiaFederation transferpaymentsthroughPaypaltothelegalentitieswhichareresidentsofRussiaFederation AsalegalentitiyregisteredinRussiaFederationwecannolongeracceptyourpaymentsthroughPaypal.Wekindlyaskyoutogetreadytoprocessyourpaymentsthroughotherpaymentsystems. Westillaccept: Creditcards: Visa, MasterCard, SberbankOnline, Halva Ewallets: QiWi, WebMoney, Яндекс.Деньги IfyouarenotaRussianFederationresidentnothingchangesforyou, wewillbeacceptingyourPaypalPaymentsasusual. Thanksforstayingwithus,weappreciateit. Sincerelyyours,RUVDSteam

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Netizens reply: To To That's how the rumors came up People just say that Russia cannot use PAYPAL to pay.
Netizen Reply: To To If you are not a resident of the Russian Federation, then you have no changes and we will accept your Paypal payment as usual.
Netizen Reply: To To IfyouarenotaRussianFederationresidentnothingchangesforyou, wewillbeacceptingyourPaypalPaymentsasusual.
Netizens reply: To To To be honest, not many people in Russia use paypal, which does not affect Offline generally credit card or applepay, googlepay are used directly (in fact, it is still card payment) Online is also a direct credit card, sberbankonline or yandexmoney
Netizens reply: To To Too long to understand, the original poster really dare to say! But I’m better than the original host, and I can use Google Translate. It’s okay if I’m not from the Goose Federation.
Netizen Reply: To To . . . . Google Translate is not banned, please throw it there first.

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