To To SharkServers, a foreign merchant, was established in 2014, formerly known as FatSharkLtd, and changed to SharkServersLtd in 2016, providing virtual hosts, VPS, independent servers, etc. VPS is based on KVMVPS. The data centers include Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Russia, etc. According to the hard disks, they are divided into NVMe and SSD. NVMe is only in Germany, and SSD can choose four data centers. Now there is a special German KVMVPS, which is very cost-effective. VPS2–NVMe vCPU: 2 Memory: 2GB Space: 25GBNVMe Traffic: unlimited/month (1Gbps port) Hetnzer Data Center IPv4: 1 IPv6: 1 Use coupon code: GO68KFAA9P $15/year

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