To To This post was last edited by jqbaobao at 2020-7-1911:56 The full text of my analysis: Excerpts from my evaluation: 1. Dishonest "Hands tied up with a credit card" Don't bind a credit card, how can you get $300? 2. Improper mentality "Seeing Google Cloud's free server of 300$ a year, I wanted to squeeze the wool" When I saw wool, I wanted to lure it up, but it turned out to cry 3. Even if he has money, he pretends to be like a student civilian "The credit card was deducted more than 10,000 a day" Is it okay for ordinary students and ordinary people to swipe more than 10,000 at once? Where does the card with more than 10,000 credits come from? Explain that the person's own assets/solvency has reached the bank's belief that it can open a credit card that exceeds 10,000 And this person’s description did not mention the problem of his own assets and work, so it is easy for people to intuitively think that they have no money and want to be countered. 4. Start to blame the other party without first reflecting on your own problems "Google Cloud is a big pit" Have you ever reflected on yourself, why not scold yourself first? 5. Misunderstanding of cloud servers "If the server is attacked, keep the server down and let him continue to charge fees. Digitalocean will at least shut down your server traffic" Can a large factory in the business direction be shut down at will? Do you know the SLA? If I hit the QQ server, QQ will stop. Then QQ will use a fart? 6. I like to lug up wool very much "Digitalocean will at least shut down your server traffic" "I saw Google Cloud's free server for 300$ a year, I wanted to squeeze the wool" Do I'm afraid I didn't buy it at the regular price, so I slap wool everywhere to take advantage? 7. Both English and Chinese The operation page and prompts of Google Cloud are the simplest and most straightforward among the three giants of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Go and see the dizziness that Amazon charges. 8. Extremely insensitive to price, or poor math "Just opened a 1 core 2G server" Do you know the price of GCP's 2G memory server? People use the lowest allocation for a long time, and the high allocation is only when individuals transfer to a network disk or something. And 1H2G is not the default configuration, can you find it? N1-1H2G custom, region choose Taiwan, 10Gssd, single machine monthly fee 25 dollars 9, don’t understand As a netizen said 1. No money will be deducted if you do not upgrade 2. Remember that Google's default security group does not allow outside access 3. The console can set the threshold for deduction 4. The security settings of each system are not working? 5. The service deployed by yourself is not clear about the impact and effect? Don't understand anything, fool around there? If you don’t study hard, that’s the mess? 10. Poor technical thief 1. No firewall 2. Inbound traffic is free, if your few terabytes of traffic are real, it is also CC 3. Didn't say how many days to fight? Just found out? and many more 11. The description does not match the facts Because the DD attack completely enters the site without counting traffic This person also did not say "build website/mount files" Suppose he sends out 10,000 yuan, assuming that all flows to China (this is the most expensive), 1TB is 230 US dollars = 1,607 yuan Meet the description of thousands of G But here comes the question. If it is a web page, a page is usually dozens of K. How many successful requests does he have to make? How many requests can one 1H2G withstand (obviously no firewall is turned on) And how much domestic traffic can there be, overseas traffic can be much cheaper, even 10TB is not 1W Didn’t you notice that you were deducted? How long does it take to finish in a day? So the biggest possibility is: This person uses Google Cloud as a ladder to become rich The excess flow is reversed line and

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Netizen Reply: To To Quote: kukuyan published on 2020-7-1911:54 Didn’t Google Cloud stop after it ran out of $300? It won’t be turned back
Netizen Reply: To To It's too long, I won't read it, and GOOGLE is still more kind!
Netizen Reply: To To Didn’t Google Cloud stop after it ran out of $300? It won’t be turned back
Netizen Reply: To To Front row learning
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: kukuyan published on 2020-7-1911:54 Didn’t Google Cloud stop after it ran out of $300? It won’t be turned back
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: heihai published on 2020-7-1911:56 The upgrade will deduct money, so it is definitely an upgrade
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: Skyland published on 2020-7-1911:56 He opened an upgrade What he did is very clear in his heart
Netizen reply: To To I use Google all the year round and I have not disappointed "Wai Ye Aye Yong Bone Cloud"
Netizen Reply: To To Google Cloud is already very good. Avoidance measures: virtual card, set limit reminder, don't share it with strangers casually.
Netizen Reply: To To Public cloud services, such as Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, GCP, AWS, Azure, ik, etc., take SLA as the primary service logic and will not stop unless a limit is set
Netizen reply: To To This post was last edited by Pinduoduo Xiaoji user at 2020-7-1912:58 I also read the post, and there are also three GCPs. I haven't deducted any money for two years. I still don't talk about him out of empathy.. Otherwise he will be more uncomfortable. Netizen reply: To To Analyze what is a fake message. If there is nothing in the screenshot, is it a title party? A liar
Netizen reply: To To Help post the original post in the back row:
Netizens reply: To To He is definitely upgraded, but I can't agree with your sentence. I am also a poor batch, but the aunt gave me a 4.3w card, and I dare not spend a penny
Netizen Reply: To To Support the original poster When you don’t do your homework well, you must be mentally prepared to oppose it.
Netizens reply: To To Google customer service is very easy to talk about. I misused my credit card payment account to pay and didn’t deduct the 300 dollars. I communicated with the big sister of American customer service and returned it within three working days

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