To To This post was last edited by muzhi at 2020-7-2316:13 I don’t know if it’s good or not. If you need it, please register first. If you use it, we can’t help it. So a software similar to Notion appeared in the country-I come, the official website, the experience is very similar to Notion, there is a floating catalog, two-way connection. "I'm coming" is undergoing rapid iteration. The current overall function is not as good as Notion, but it is being improved and has a promising future. The software development progress website can be viewed. Invitation code VL535JM can invite 100 people to register Kang looks good, take a look first

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Netizens reply: To To For this, I also registered to borrow the building and send an invitation code: SNIPM9P
Netizen reply: To To Quote: alhlpha published on 2020-7-2316:16 None of the clients came out, so early promotion? Are there any benefits?
Netizen Reply: To To Eighty percent is the last time that Han Zhou changed his name, purely plagiarizing notion
Netizen reply: To To Anyway, the student version of notion is very cool, and coupled with the prejudice against domestic manufacturers, I choose notion
Netizens reply: To To Cloud. I didn't know how to run that day. Only local now. Grand notes. Now I can't find the shadow.
Netizen Reply: To To My invitation code: 6I5Y22P Available times: 100 Big guys who want to register can get in the car
Netizens reply: To To I always use TXT to record on the server, and I have memorized a lot in the past two years.
Netizen Reply: To To This ghost dare to use it, I collected a wave of notes, and then the service provider ran away, and it was cold
Netizen Reply: To To What's the use? ? ? ? ? This thing is just a gimmick, simple things are complicated, a whole lot of notes
Netizen reply: To To Note, this kind of personal thing still exists, the big factory can rest assured, only use keep and onenote
Netizen reply: To To Quote: cherbim published on 2020-7-2316:15 Looks like notion, especially this expression
Netizen Reply: To To I have always felt that putting my own things on other people's hard drives is quite a brain drain.

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