To To This post was last edited by [email protected] at 2020-7-2416:00 cpu: 2 RAM: 8 Beijing area 5M bandwidth Expiry time: 2021-11-29 At that time, I bought it for three years at 1449, and it was 40 January. Requirement: Don't write illegal things and block the machine tg:@leeroyfeng

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Netizens reply: To To Good price, I rented it with the landlord to run java before! Because I bought n3450 instead. I wish you an early rent out
Netizens reply: To To Selling second-hand machines, it is difficult to control the other party's illegal illegal production, and the main responsibility is difficult to ignore This is different from selling computers
Netizens reply: To To I also left a 285 Shanghai,,,, I don’t know what to use.

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