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Netizen Reply: To To Quote: heihai published on 2020-7-2714:29 Doesn't chrome turn off flash by default?
Netizen reply: To To Can't you download the international version? international version
Netizens reply: To To The default setting in the browser is to disable Flash, did you turn it on manually?
Netizen Reply: To To Seemingly no solution, it can only be intercepted with a pop-up window, but there are still processes remaining. Or directly use the built-in IE first. Using some foreign websites will prompt that the region or version does not meet the requirements of the domestic version, or you have to pay attention to the update of the revised version all day long
Netizen reply: To To This product used to have unlimited beauty and prosperity. Unexpectedly, it has not fallen to the point of disappearing.
Netizen Reply: To To Just don't install flash. No need to watch the QQ show.
Netizen Reply: To To Flash will not last for a few years. Chrome does not enable flash by default, just change it to "Ask", and add the "Ad Terminator" plug-in to stop being harassed by advertisements
Netizen Reply: To To flash32.0.0.403 special edition NPAPI to firefox PPAPI to chromium

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