To To Last October, I posted on hostloc saying that .moe will open a batch of reserved domain names, including Then in November last year, I don’t know which fat house registered, and the registration price was about 60,000 yuan. After registration, no website has been established, so I did not find any clues about TA Recently, someone discovered that a user at station B had enabled the domain name I remember that an old driver mentioned this domain name. The registry price was more than 100,000 yuan. The holder of is currently Wang Silu, a pianist born in England after 1995, and a young Steinway artist. The introduction of the website at seems to be a celebrity China is still a lot of rich people, hostloc which seems difficult to encounter

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Netizens reply: To To There are many big bosses on hostloc, diving, according to the gossip, very few over 100 million
Netizens reply: To To I listened to bibi for a long time at station b ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Netizens reply : To To This post was last edited by the deceased Jianghu at 2020-7-2718:58
Netizen Reply: To To The conditions in the home where the piano is played are very good. The pianos I saw at the exhibition last year were all six figures.
Netizen Reply: To To There is a musician who is still working on a machine in his spare time. The salted fish sold 8086k and was replaced by a liar
Netizen reply: To To Quote: Smell published on 2020-7-2718:54 Where do you find the registration price of these non-mainstream suffixes?
Netizen Reply: To To His song download link is still onedrive Maybe he is lurking in the forum, this O365 is bought in the forum
Netizen reply: To To Quote: zhujisou published on 2020-7-2718:31 Hostloc has a lot of bosses, diving, according to the grapevine, very few over 100 million

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