To To Recently, the Songyang Internet Police Brigade of Lishui City, Zhejiang Province successfully solved a large-scale internet-dissemination case involving funds of more than 50 million yuan, arrested 22 suspects, and successfully cut off a platform construction technology, operation and maintenance, and agent promotion. "Yellow" industrial chain. A link leads to the creation of 6 pornographic platforms by major programmers Songyang Internet Police found during online inspections that some netizens posted a large number of color links daily through WeChat groups, and they needed to recharge and pay to watch them. After investigation, Fu from Fujian was one of the main perpetrators of the case. With his computer expertise, he created the "Leopard Network Studio" and released a lot of information on the construction of a gray and black industry platform. He has built a " Six pornographic platforms including "Nu Guo" were sold to other operating groups at a high price of 50,000 yuan per platform, and they were responsible for the maintenance of each platform. The main functions of these platforms are: the operator uploads the short video on the platform, generates the reward link and the reward QR code through the platform, and then the agent sends the link and QR code to different QQ groups, WeChat groups and other networks Media, group members only need to click on the link and pay the reward on WeChat to watch. The price of each video is set by the operator. The number of "movie viewers" has reached one million across the country Operators widely distribute advertisements for recruiting agents on social platforms such as WeChat and QQ. Since the agents are divided according to 70% of the rewards of the customers they have developed, in order to obtain more benefits, the agents will recruit more audiences and continue to build groups. Laren, a "junior" agent, has more than 60 WeChat groups in his WeChat account, and each group has nearly 500 group members. In only half a year, the group's offline agents spread all over the country, and the number of customers reached as high as one million. Four crime dens were arrested and destroyed at the same time in three provinces and four places After more than four months of meticulous investigation and decoupling, Songyang Internet Police gradually ascertained the organization structure, internal operation model and main personnel involved in the gang. Finally, they joined forces with public security and other police types to touch the overall situation of 55 police forces and were assigned to Fujian and Fujian. Anhui and other three provinces and four places launched a centralized collection network, and successively arrested 22 major criminal suspects including Fu, and frozen funds of more than 16 million yuan. At this point, six nationwide broadcasting video platforms have been completely destroyed. Cyber ​​police reminder The Internet is not illegal, and the Internet police department will carry out a special campaign to combat Internet illegal crimes "Net Net 2020", crack down on Internet-related illegal crimes, continue to clean up illegal information online, and reduce the sale of drug dealers, violent terrorism, and epidemic fraud The online dissemination of harmful information such as, **, gambling fraud, feudal superstition, etc., resolutely maintain a harmonious and clear cyberspace. Net net protect net, Care for the healthy growth of young people's body and mind, Come and act with the cyber police! Source: Lishui Internet police patrol law enforcement

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Netizens reply: To To Caring for the healthy growth of young people, come and act with the cyber police!
Netizens reply: To To The dean blatantly returned the academic fraud to the child. If you don't catch the academic fraud, you can't publish a small movie! Those who steal pearls are punishable, those who steal the country are Hou!

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