To To In accordance with the relevant deployment of the National Cyberspace Administration of China and the National Anti-Pornography Office, the Henan Provincial Cyberspace Administration and the Provincial “Anti-vice and Anti-illegal” Office jointly launched a two-month 2020 special campaign to rectify the Internet environment of minors during the summer vacation. This action combines special actions such as "Net Network 2020" and "Miao Miao 2020", focusing on the key links of underage Internet access, focusing on clearing and rectifying 7 outstanding problems, namely, learning and education website platforms and the online course learning section ecology of other websites Issues, bad animation products on the website platform children, animation, animation and other channels, harmful information related to minors on live broadcast and short video website platforms, and harmful information that endangers the physical and mental health of minors in the instant messaging tool group circle and forum community links , The malicious pop-ups of tool applications such as browsers and input methods commonly used by teenagers, inducing minors to have no bottom line to chase stars, tearing rice circles and other value-oriented information and behaviors, real-name systems and anti-addiction measures on online game platforms are not in place, Inducing minors to recharge consumption and other issues. At the same time, Henan Province has also issued the "Special Action Plan for Network Protection of Children's Personal Information in Henan Province" in response to illegal acts such as leaking children's personal information, and decided to focus on rectification of violations of laws and regulations or agreements between the parties from now until October 19, and Collect, store, use, transfer, and disclose children's personal information beyond the scope of the purpose or the necessary period; various illegal acts that violate the safety of children's personal information through the production, release, and dissemination of information. Source: Office of Henan Province pornography

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