To To NetEase Technology News on July 27, according to media reports, on July 27, Eastern Time, Tencent will acquire Sogou wholly-owned. Another person familiar with the matter confirmed this and said that the transaction was wholly-owned and the transaction price was 9 US dollars per share. In response to the above news, Sogou expressed its gratitude to Tencent for its recognition of Sogou's value, technical capabilities, and product innovation capabilities. Next, relevant issues will be carefully discussed and measured, so that Sogou can continue to create greater value for users. 2020-07-2722: 00:47 Source: ZDNet reports

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Netizens reply: To To Quote: 004 published in 2020-7-2722:40 SOUGOU input method...too annoying. It's all AD
Netizens reply: To To I don’t need Sogou for four or five years. For mobile phones Gboard and Google Pinyin, computers use Microsoft’s Pinyin, which is getting better and better, and my own thesaurus has also been accumulated
Netizen Reply: To To Who remembers that at that time Tencent sold Soso as a shareholding and packaged it to Sogou? The big guys play is to move assets over and move over to make money
Netizens reply: To To Sohu One of the four major portals of the past One of the most famous and present Internet giants If Sogou is completely "handed over" now Except for Sohu Changyou, there is no real estate anymore "Ontology" is not worth a lot of money Too lonely Old man

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