To To This post was last edited by Hua Luo Silent at 2020-7-2819:33 Majorincident DegradedPerformance [Investigating]Wehaveidentifiedaperformancedegradationonournetwork,someclientsareexperiencingintermittenttimeouts. Ournetworkengineersandsysadminsareinvestigatingtheissueatthemoment. Furtherfindingsandupdatesshallbeupdatedonthisstatuspage. Update: [Investigating]Thenetworkissueisstillbeinginvestigated.WeareawaitingupdatesfromourpartnerdatacenterinLA,USA,astheyworkonthecase. ItappearstobeaDDoSattack, asmultipleswitchesarecurrentlybeingaffected.

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Netizen Reply: To To Quote: tdd published on 2020-7-2819:02 If the CC boss also came to loc, it would be a bloody storm
Netizen reply: To To My chick still cannot connect. It is estimated that my chicken is on the server in question. . .
Netizen Reply: To To In the afternoon, I wanted to boast that the CC network was great, but I didn’t expect it to overturn at night. The PING packet dropped severely and I lost my phone directly. Netizen reply: To To Quote: rainsays published on 2020-7-2819:20 OK, OK
Netizen Reply: To To This post was last edited by lijihede at 2020-7-2819:52 Every time CC has network problems, I have a share, and it is still not good. The key is not getting off the car.

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