To To This post was last edited by abobo5088 at 2020-7-2916:01 For advice, I am going to brush a win10 streamlined version recently, streamlined the built-in remotedesktop, and cannot remotely control other win computers Is there any alternative software? You can directly access the ip address port of other machines to realize the remote desktop function. No installation is required on the accessed computer. No sunflower, teamviewer and the like need to be installed on both computers Thank

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Netizen Reply: To To It seems that there is a software that can force the RDP server on the home version of these systems.
Netizen reply: To To Quote: kiwen published on 2020-7-2915:56 todesk
Netizens reply: To To There is a software called RemoteDesktopConnectionManager It is also official, you can manage multiple desktops
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Netizens reply: To To Quote: Jiang understands published on 2020-7-29 15:59 After simplifying it, download it back to mstsc
Netizen reply: To To You can install rdpwrap to restore. At present, there is no remote that can compete with Microsoft rdp, regardless of performance or speed. After win8.1, Microsoft added tcp black technology. Other remotes are similar to picture-level refresh.
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: etc. trumpet published on 2020-7-2916:45 try finalshell

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