To To Big guys, just came to hostloc and bought a lot of chicks to play with Du Fu. I want to ask how to quickly judge the network quality of the machine after getting the machine?

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Netizens reply: To To This post was last edited by a polite gentleman at 2020-8-223:58 Use the command to generate the file and download it to test the speed of the machine ddif=/dev/zeroof=1000mb.binbs=1000Mcount=1 Generate 1000mb files Detailed tutorial:
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Pinduoduo chicken user published on 2020-8-218:08 Packet loss rate, backhaul line, speed measurement
Netizens reply: To To Quote: iks published on 2020-8-218:08 Publish the IP on loc
Netizen reply: To To In addition, if you are a ladder, you can use the map ratio, p...hub speed measurement method in the evening peak

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