To To This post was last edited by van at 2020-8-313:13 After the brother who installed broadband before asked for the public network ip, he said that after a few days to take effect, he did see the ip changed yesterday, but how should I see if this ip is a public network ip? Try downloading a bit od, only 3-400kb, ip od download when there 2M

nat changed after ----------------------- ------------------------------
Netizen Reply: To To What said upstairs is correct, just go to the router and check the wan port ip
Netizen reply: To To Quote: cdseoo published on 2020-8-313:11 See if the IP of the WAN port in the router is a public network
Netizen reply: To To Check if the router's WAN port IP is the same as the IP displayed on
Netizen reply: To To Quote: qinghe187100 published on 2020-8-313:17 China Unicom seems to be the public network IP address
Netizen reply: To To This can be seen directly in the light cat Envy to get to the public network, unlike our 80 this month

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