To To On August 3, Xiaoi Robot (Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology Co., Ltd.) formally filed a lawsuit with the Shanghai Higher People’s Court, requesting Apple to stop Siri (intelligent assistant) patent infringement, including but not limited to requesting Apple to stop Manufacture, use, promise to sell, sell, and import products that infringe on the ZL200410053749.9 invention patent, and temporarily claim 10 billion yuan (RMB). Zhizhen Intelligent stated that Xiaoi Robot is the owner of the Chinese invention patent ZL200410053749.9 (a chat robot system), which was applied for in 2004 and was authorized in 2009. This patent is one of the basic patents of China's human-computer interaction intelligent robots. It has completely independent intellectual property rights. It can command the robot to complete tasks in formatted language, and it can also complete chat conversations in natural language. In 2011, Apple launched Siri for the first time on its iPhone4S mobile phone, which is an intelligent personal assistant service. After that, it has been equipped with Siri in the entire line of products such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch, MacBook, HomePod, and Siri has become Apple's product human-computer interaction. The main entrance. After judicial appraisal, the Siri technical solution falls into the protection scope of the patent claim of Xiaoi Robot ZL200410053749.9. Yuan Hui, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaoi Robot, said: “As a technology practitioner, I respect Apple very much. Their products and services have brought a lot of value and experience to the world. However, every consumer purchases an apple product, are paid in. in turn, Apple should respect the innovation, the use of our patents, but also need to pay a reasonable fee to us. "

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Netizen Reply: To To The one who touched porcelain, it is almost the same as the ipad trademark. Did the ipad trademark lose tens of millions?
Netizen Reply: To To Regardless of whether this matter is right or not.. Seeing the claim amount.. I need to support it. Foreign news. How many claims are in millions / ten million U.S. dollars. The domestic fines are tens of RMB...too cheap...

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