To To From the editor of a news client Beijing CU 32.02Mbps 112.48Mbps 118.71ms Shanghai CT 31.53Mbps 106.39Mbps 99.35ms Shanghai CU 33.07Mbps 117.44Mbps 151.26ms Guangzhou CT 5.47Mbps 61.19Mbps 116.23ms Guangzhou CU 33.62Mbps 109.71Mbps 86.27ms Guangzhou Telecom is not very good, other telecoms and China Unicom can still run to 30M bandwidth. Stumped to become a family heirloom?

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Netizens reply: To To The same things internationally and domestically, the domestic prices have not changed, saying that more than N people can’t buy the international There are also routines that cannot be passed on to the cloud
Netizens reply: To To Nothing has changed in the old 30M, it means there is a family heirloom...
Netizen Reply: To To It’s just light weight, Taoluyun can’t go back to the past, I have given up~~~
Netizens reply: To To Quote: polite gentleman published on 2020-8-915:23 This is an heirloom. . mjj's vision will not be so bad
Netizen reply: To To Quote: wltc2005 published on 2020-8-915:26 At the beginning of 8 Naifei, it’s so good to be an unlocking machine
Netizen reply: To To If this delay can become a family heirloom, at least 1/3 of them on the market can become a family heirloom
Netizen Reply: To To This price, bandwidth, and delay can all be called heirlooms... Give me I won't renew...

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