To To Yesterday I hung up and downloaded some files, and I received the right button of CF today, saying that Worker exceeded the limit of 100,000 requests per day. I was so scared that I immediately opened the Unlimited level, 5 dollars a month, the problem came, I was a prepaid credit card, which happened to have 5 dollars in it. That is, I won’t be able to pay next month. If the deduction fails, will CF stop my Worker, or downgrade to the free version?

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Netizens reply: To To The same asks whether you want to download via bt, download via downloader, or download via normal browser
Netizen reply: To To Looking at the look of 10w, it’s not really easy to use. When opening a webpage, hundreds of requests go out at every turn
Netizens reply: To To Quote: NiDiPiZiNaFongQ published on 2020-8-1712:29 Looking at the look of 10w, it’s really not easy to use. When you open a webpage, hundreds of requests go out...
Netizens reply: To To Does CFWorker block the mobile phone? The PC has been working normally, but the mobile phone has not worked recently

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