To To Isn't the free seafile fragrant? I spent so much money on Lenovo's network disk system, which has almost the same functions. . . My elementary school student can build a free one. . . NMS really bad

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Netizen Reply: To To This post was last edited by buddies at 2020-8-1716:52 Cloudreve really has nothing to do with it. Cheap and easy to use. But there is another insider visual inspection is certain.
Netizens reply: To To Quote: Camboo published on 2020-8-1716:49 Definitely eat rebates
Netizens reply: To To seaflie free? The enterprise version is not cheap at all, and technical support needs to be purchased separately. Whoever will top the package if problems arise with the community version Now the school has genuine funding, and even has indicators. You only need to be responsible for the hardware when you buy the whole set. The network manager is the smart person
Netizens reply: To To Is it not fragrant to be Party A? LZ is too young. Our Party A must have CCIE to be there to plug in the network cable.
Netizens reply: To To I’m so young. I don’t need any money for anything. It should be fine if I don’t pay you.
Netizen Reply: To To If you build it by yourself, you still have to pack maintenance for free. You can buy it directly without spending your money. You can throw it to Lenovo after installation.

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