To To This post was last edited by kakala at 2020-8-2110:09 Merchant: TMHHOST CPU: 1 core Memory: 512MB Hard Disk: 20GSSD Bandwidth: 50Mbps (It can run at full 50M in 24 hours, and it is stable with a picture ratio of 50,000) Two-way traffic: 500G Monthly payment: Japanese Softbank line of 25 yuan, the absolute king of price-performance ratio on the market Native Japanese ip, support Netflix (Japan) The reason for this heirloom is that I moved to the iplc battlefield Mingpan: account balance 295 premium 205=500 (look forward to someone who is destined) Gangster pieces needed: https: //

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Netizens reply: To To The binding speed of the same model is really good. Unicom basically runs full all day.

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