To To This post was last edited by xkc at 2020-8-2207:48 2a01:4f8:10a:3e0e::/64 Gateway fe80::1 Shouldn't V6 have 4 sections? What is the expression? After I bind to the V6 of the network card, ifconfig shows Tunnel adapter TeredoTunnelingPseudo-Interface: Connect to a specific DNS suffix...: IPv6 address............:2001:0:2851:782c:2078:bf6:a79c:2af0 Local link IPv6 address...:fe80::2078:bf6:a79c:2af0%9 Default gateway.............: So why is my IP 2001:0:2851:782c:2078:bf6:a79c:2af0 Shouldn't it be possible to bind many IPs? What is the available range? Beg the boss

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Netizens reply: To To Quote: A cat published on 2020-8-2207:48 ? Just give a v6 I don’t understand what you want to ask
Netizen reply: To To 1There is no provision for four sections. 2Bind /64 for you, the scope is self-Baidu. 3About ip because you use teredo, you will know the actual address by curling
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