To To As the title, I don’t have Alttext set in the pictures of my Chinese blog posts. I know that Google values ​​alttext, so my English site’s pictures are all set to alttext. But Chinese sites mainly look at Baidu. Before, Baidu didn’t seem to value alttext very much, so I didn’t Set up. Recently I heard people say that Baidu has also begun to value alttext. Does anyone know the situation? If this is the case, I am about to manually add alttext to thousands of pictures...headache... Thank you

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Netizen Reply: To To Quote: squalll published on 2020-8-2311:55 It can be said that this is unnecessary
Netizen reply: To To Quote:wo284473037 published in 2020-8-2311:56 It is best to set up
Netizen Reply: To To Quote: A cat with a king on the forehead published on 2020-8-2312:02 Basically no one uses
Netizens reply: To To Quote: llmwxt published on 2020-8-2312:02 The big guys have answered, I will learn
Netizens reply: To To What are you talking about? alt attribute? There are a lot of keywords, but Baidu doesn’t pay attention to this, and the article has pictures.

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