To To Is there a demand for old iron? Hardware, you can use it by adding a power supply fan yourself, much better than Triangle Cloud The motherboard and 120gssd are estimated to be domestic miscellaneous brands At least 20 people drive Ha, I want <br>
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Netizens reply: To To Quote: yueyyy published on 2020-8-2916:00 Hardware, or do you sell Dupu? ? ?
Netizens reply: To To Make things clear, Xiaoji is still a dedicated server or selling equipment... Mark the computer room and broadband or hardware configuration
Netizens reply: To To Just now Xianyu saw one, with the same heat dissipation and power supply as your configuration
Netizens reply: To To It’s best to put a picture to see the size and interface of the motherboard The most concern is power consumption, power consumption
Netizens reply: To To How about the power consumption? My triangle cloud is less than 3 watts, what can you beat me.
Netizens reply: To To How many network ports? Besides, you don’t even put pictures? I don't know who will buy it?

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